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Your compass navigating through the bustling landscape of school life with ADHD

As a student (or parent of a student) managing the unique challenges of ADHD, you may sometimes feel like you're wandering through a thick forest of distractions, responsibilities, and pressures. That's where we come in.


Adventures in Focus... a platform designed to offer insightful strategies, personal stories, and a sense of community for you. Our mission? To help you carve out your path and harness the power of your unique ADHD brain. Immerse yourself in our content featuring expert advice on how to tackle common challenges like time management, organization, focus, and stress reduction. Learn how to manage symptoms, build successful study habits, cope with exam stress, and boost your social skills, all while gaining a deep understanding and acceptance of your neurodiversity.


With Adventures in Focus, you're not on this journey alone. Let's embark on this adventure, together!



What is ADHD?

ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders. Although some of its symptoms, such as inattentiveness and hyperactivity, are behaviors that everyone experiences from time to time, for individuals living with ADHD these characteristics means that their everyday lives are shaped differently. In this podcast, we’ll cover the basics of ADHD: What characteristics define this condition and what biological differences are associated with it? And, more importantly, what are some of the misconceptions of ADHD that we should all be aware of?

Motivate Yourself!

People with ADHD very often have a hard time staying motivated, especially when tasks don’t involve a feeling of intense urgency. But many tasks in life aren’t pressing in this way, so what’s an ADHD brain to do? Thankfully, there are plenty of tricks you can try out to create that urgency and ‘trick’ your brain into doing what you want! In this podcast, we’ll look at some ways to foster prolonged motivation despite ADHD.


Malachi O. Azilove

Meet Malachi, a high school student who sees potential in every challenge. He's drawn towards community service, with a particular focus on helping the homeless and supporting students living with ADHD. Through hard work and dedication, Malachi successfully completed an independent study and  earned a certification in not-for-profit management. It's not a trophy for him, but a stepping stone towards his goal: to start an organization that makes a real difference.

So far, he has:

  • Filed for a 501c-3 designation for his organization, Plebians Tribune.

  • Solicited and negotiated a 3-year agreement for an Arizona designer to provide wool beanies.

  • Donated over 120 hand-knitted hats, blankets, and toiletry baskets to the homeless of Philadelphia.

  • Raise over $1,200 in donations to purchase socks and toiletries for the homeless.

Having experienced the ups and downs of ADHD himself, Malachi empathizes with students facing similar struggles. Malachi developed a virtual youth support group with his mother to provide a safe space for young people and their parents living with ADHD.  He's currently planning a virtual 1-day youth conference during winter break to encourage students to persevere through the last half of the school year by providing them access to educators, doctors, and time management gurus.  He's driven by a simple, powerful belief: no one should be defined solely by a diagnosis.

Outside of his community work, music is Malachi's personal refuge. He sings (baritone), plays the saxophone, and can be found as the life of the party in the middle of the dance floor. Malachi loves to travel and has visited seven countries and much of the United States. When he's not 'saving' the world, or globe-trotting, he can be found in his room perfectly content competing in video game competitions.


Malachi will graduate high school in 2024 and plans to attend a 4-year college studying Business Management. While he doesn't know exactly what his future career holds, he is crystal clear that the expansion of his not-for-profit organization and helping people will always be a part of his life.

Personal Motto:  Give God something to work with.


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Emotional (Dys)regulation

Many people don’t realize that ADHD can also impact a person’s ability to regulate their emotions. This means that they might be more sensitive or have outsize reactions to things that wouldn’t normally phase neurotypical individuals. In this podcast, we’re going to look at the connection between ADHD and emotional dysregulation, as well as discuss some strategies that can be used to deal with spiraling emotions.

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